CC-MOR 26,200 : 480     |     CC-KYL 26,310 : 185     |     CF-RBc-KGR 5,310 : 175     |     CF-RB-KGR 5,250 : 135     |     CF-ARc-KGR 4,310 : 00     |     CF-AR-KGR 4,570 : 440     |     SS-SNGW 3,400 : 320     |     SS-LND 3,640 : 00     |     SS-MTWR 3,410 : 00     |     SS-RUV 3,403 : 102     |     SS-MOR 3,507 : 52     |     SS-PWA 3,685 : 00     |    

Welcome to TMX

WELCOME! The Tanzania Mercantile Exchange (TMX) is the first commodity exchange market in Tanzania. The commodity exchange is established as a platform where farmers, traders, exporters and other various market actors are able to access domestic and global market and obtain a fair price in selling or buying of commodities. TMX is an organized marketplace, providing a platform where buyers and sellers come together to trade, assured of quality, quantity, payment, and delivery.

About Us

TMX began operations in 2018, with a goal to increase access to markets for buyers and sellers of commodities in Tanzania. TMX firmly believes that it would achieve its main objective when a Tanzanian farmer would be able to choose his cropping pattern based on spot and futures prices disseminated by the Exchange, rather than the practice of sowing a crop based on current prices.

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Tanzania Vision 2025

It is envisioned that Tanzanians will have graduated from a least developed country to a middle income country by the year 2025 with a high level of human development. The economy will have been transformed from a low productivity agricultural economy to a semi-industrialized one led by modernized and highly productive agricultural activities which are effectively integrated and buttressed by supportive industrial and service activities in the rural and urban areas.
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